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Regxia is a unique scientific and regulatory consulting firm serving the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. At Regxia we strive to provide personalized attention focusing on your specific regulatory needs. Our clients are our primary focus. As such our team of experts wanted to commit ourselves to providing the most relevant and up-to-date resources and information to you.

Regxia offers a full range of regulatory services to support your product at all stages of development, from concept to launch and throughout its lifecycle. We excel by taking a collaborative approach on every initiative, delivering high quality, customized solutions consistent with your corporate culture and the ever-evolving regulatory environment.

We work to foster long-term client relationships based on trust, reliability and common values. Regxia’s team has the knowledge, experience and insight your business needs to achieve its regulatory objectives.

Our in-depth awareness and understanding of global regulatory requirements allows us to outline appropriate regulatory strategies which minimize time to market. At Regxia we have one purpose: to ensure our clients’ success and we accomplish this by using the most innovative approaches in the industry.

Whether provided as part of overall project management or on a stand-alone basis, Regxia will advise on a full range of regulatory services.


Regulatory Services, Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls, Scientific and Strategic Consulting, Electronic Compilation, Nonclinical Development, Clinical Support and Monitoring

Our clients rely on us for our expertise, reliability and attention to detail.

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