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Regxia is a unique scientific and regulatory consulting firm serving the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, with extensive experience in Canadian and US regulatory affairs.


Regxia is proud to have implemented and validated an electronic submission system. With over 15,000 e-submissions to date, Regxia has a wealth of experience in the development of compliant e-dossiers and XML Product Monographs.


Regxia's Canadian Quality Services, Pharmacovigilance and Safety Reporting department provides a host of services for the small to mid-sized company seeking an all inclusive QA solution.

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Regxia was founded in 2007 by Betty Cory and Lori de Munnik to fulfill a desire to provide high quality, customized solutions to small and mid-sized pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  Based in Canada, Regxia provides in depth knowledge of the Canadian and US regulatory environments to its clients.

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"I just wanted to say thank you very much for all of your help with getting our application prepared and submitted, and also with responding to the Agency's information requests since that time. A lot of work went into both the preparation and publication of these submissions, and we really appreciate Regxia's expertise and flexibility, expediting submission preparation where needed"

Director Regulatory Compliance

Small Pharmaceutical Company

1C - 64 Jardin Drive

Vaughan, ON

L4K 3P3 Canada





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